Amzak acquires StampTech, Inc. and merges with AOC MetalWorks, further expanding its metal fabrication and stamping portfolio
Amzak Announces the Recapitalization of Trace Staffing Solutions
Essential Medical Inc. Announces Successful Live MANTA Case at TCT
Amzak Health Leads in Essential Medical's $14.9m Series B Funding
04.29.2016 Marbles: The Brain Store Honored as one of CSA's Breakout Retailers of the Year
01.11.2016 Marbles: The Brain Store announces the closing of a $10.0 million credit facility with Siena Lending Group
09.30.2015 Amzak announces the sale of KPAQ Industries to Hood Container Corporation
06.02.2015 Amzak acquires full-service engineering and manufacturing company in Southeast U.S.
01.12.2015 Amzak participates in Series B Financing for KEW Group, an oncology services company
11.06.2014 Amzak invests in health and wellness industry with control equity investment in Marbles: The Brain Store
08.29.2014 Amzak announces minority equity investment in Network Management Services
06.30.2014 Amzak announces minority equity investment in TNR Holdings LLC
06.17.2014 KPAQ announces the closing of a $30m Credit Facility with PNC Bank
03.12.2014 Amzak announces completion of sale of majority stake in Tricom to Altice
10.31.2013 Amzak announces the sale of a majority stake in Tricom to Altice
07.01.2013 Amzak announces the partial divestment of its investment in CorePower Yoga
12.21.2010 Amzak announces investment in IGI Laboratories
09.30.2010 Amzak announces investment in Whitney International University Systems
06.30.2010 Amzak announces mezzanine investment in Corepower Yoga
06.25.2010 Core Power Yoga CEO named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Award
04.30.2010 Amzak announces acquisition of St Francisville Mill
03.25.2010 KPAQ Plans SecondPaper Machine at Louisiana Mill
10.16.2009 Amzak announces strategic investment in Tricom, S.A.
08.31.2009 Amzak announces investment in Celtic Capital
06.22.2009 Chancellor University announces Jack Welch MBA
10.01.2008 Millicom completes acquisition of Amnet
07.22.2008 Millicom acquires Amnet