Family Foundation

The Kazma Family Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and supports education initiatives and other charitable activities. It was founded in 1997 by the Kazma family to provide scholarships for financially needy students. Over the years, it has granted 1,000+ scholarships to college and high school students and funded the construction of various schools and classrooms in Central America and the U.S. The foundation has partnered with various religious and educational organizations to promote its goal of supporting education such as the Ave Maria University, Big Shoulders Fund in Chicago, Diocese of Joliet in Joliet, Universidad de Don Bosco in El Salvador, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago, St. Joan of Arc School in Boca Raton, Pontifical North American College in Rome, Schools for the Children of the World, and the Catholic Charities of Chicago, as well as served as school patron for two grade schools in the city of Chicago.

Leigh-Anne Kazma serves as the Foundation's president/managing director and her father Gerry serves as treasurer/secretary. Margaret Kazma and Mike Kazma are directors of the foundation.


Leigh-Anne Kazma, President and Managing Director

Leigh-Anne Kazma is the President and Managing Director of the Kamza Family Foundation since 1997. She previously worked for Amzak as Director of Marketing. At the foundation, she personally selects scholars and spends time getting to know them and their families. She also serves as a mentor, visiting scholars at school and organizing academic and recreational outings. In addition to her work with students, she provides executive and marketing assistance to the schools the foundation supports. She serves on the Catholic Education Foundation board, Big Shoulders Fund Executive Board, Montini Catholic High School Board, and Edward's Hospital Foundation Board.