Senior Leadership

  • Gerry KazmaChairmanGerry is the Chairman and founder of Amzak Capital Management. He began his career in the cable tv business in the early 1970s, starting in Canada and migrating to the United States in 1979 to run one of his operations. He has owned, operated and sold many cable companies throughout the United States. In the early 1990's Gerry sold all of his operations in the United States and acquired cable companies in the Caribbean islands (Aruba, Trinidad and Martinique) and Venezuela. Gerry later sold his interest in the Caribbean and Venezuela and expanded into Central America in 1998 with the purchase of Amnet in Costa Rica. He and his son Mike led the expansion of Amnet, which became the largest cable operator in Central America and was sold to Millicom in 2008. Gerry was a board member of Amnet Telecommunications Holding (1997-2008) and, along with his daughter Leigh-Anne, is the leading force in the company’s charitable donations to various schools and universities in the United States, Caribbean and Central America.

  • Michael KazmaPresidentMike is the President and CEO of Amzak Capital Management and has worked for Amzak for the past 28 years. Mike has been an entrepreneur and investor in the telecommunications industry for his entire life. His father Gerry put him to work in the family cable tv business at a young age during summers. Mike has worked in all areas of the cable companies his family has owned such as warehouse, cable installer, door to door salesman and senior management. Starting in 1992 Mike led the expansion in the Caribbean market starting in Aruba and later Trinidad and Martinique. Over the last 15 years Mike led Amzak group in buying over 60 companies in nine different countries, building thousands of miles of cable network, creating thousands of new jobs. He now serves as the president of Amzak Capital Management, where he oversees all the investment groups. He was a board member of Amnet Telecommunications (1997-2008), Tricom, S.A. (2010 – 2014), CorePower Yoga (2008 – 2013), and is currently a board member of Altice Dominicana, KPAQ, Marbles The Brain Store, Teletower Domincana, and You Telecom. Mike is also involved in the company’s charitable donations to schools and universities in the United States, Caribbean and Central America. Mike received his undergraduate degree from Bradley University.

  • Beatriz BeltranenaGeneral CounselBeatriz has served as Legal Director and General Counsel for Amzak for the last 10 years. As the Legal Director she manages the legal departments, transactions and legal affairs of Amzak's active investments. In her capacity as the General Counsel she is in charge of the corporate and legal aspects of all Amzak investments and she takes care of all the firms’ internal legal and compliance affairs. Beatriz has experience in managing corporate international legal transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, loan syndications, bidding processes acquisition, real estate and bankruptcy transactions. She is based in El Salvador and has been with the group since 2005. Beatriz previously was a Senior Associate at Consortium Legal (Central American law firm) were she directed the Corporate Law Department of the Law Firm. Beatriz was General Counsel and Country Compliance Officer of Citibank's Branch in El Salvador (1998-2005), and was a lawyer of the Legal Department of Citibank in the Guatemalan branch (1996-1998). As a Country Compliance Officer at Citibank for 6 years, she managed to apply United States regulations such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Anti-Bribery and Money Laundering in combination with El Salvador's local regulations. Beatriz also acted as Citibank’s legal coordinator and director for Citibank Honduras for more than 2 years.  Beatriz has a Degree in Legal and Social Sciences (Cum Laude) from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala, with the License to practice Law in Guatemala and El Salvador, she has a Master in US Law from Washington University in St. Louis, School of Law.  Beatriz is fluent in Spanish and English. She is an active member and contributor for the board of directors of Vital Voices Global Partnership in El Salvador.